A Milestone

January 23, 2020 3 minutes


Hello people!

It’s been a long long time since we were together and there are reasons for that. I’d like to give you some updates about myself.


Where to start… Okay. On October, I felt like I needed to take AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certificate. Well, at least some sort of certificate which verifies my cloud knowledge. I studied for two straight months and wasn’t even ready on the exam day. You can check my notes here: https://github.com/Hmerac/AWSCSAProNotes

Anyway(somehow!?) I passed the exam and got my certificate. It felt amazing for two days but then the feeling of triumph slowly faded away because I have one more certificate goal which is CKA. I’ll take it some time later, but not now. This was the first reason.


The second reason is, on November, I decided to search opportunities in Germany actively. There are reasons for that and some of them showed up recently. I’m not going to explain recent ones. I wish I could, but there are rules forbidding it(I bet, some of you already figured out it’s about my current workplace). Anyway, let’s continue with the ones that I can speak of.

Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been aiming to move to Germany. Let me list why:

  • I like the way Germany is being governed. I believe discipline, order and law are essential for the people living in a country to feel safe. Don’t want to get politic here but Germany is one of the countries where I feel safest and I think this is because Germans have suffered from terrible regimes, faced clashes in their history and they know the importance of keeping things in order. I’m displeased to say but these terms, discipline, order and law are becoming blurry in the country I’m currently living in. Let me stop before it gets too cheesy. Moving on…
  • German government is aware of global issues that I follow closely and doing researches, taking actions on them. This is important for me because it makes you feel you are moving with the government together towards the same goals. One example could be global warming. They started foresting whole country, taking actions upon frauds, and doing researches about Gulf Stream which I believe is one of the most undervalued part.
  • My elders had worked in Germany between ~1950 and ~2010 and a part of my family still lives and works there. Therefore, I know a thing or two about German history, culture and language. Germany is the second country I feel close to.
  • I kept the most important reason for the last one. I LOVE BEER!

For these reasons, I started applying for some job opportunities on November and I started interviewing with Trivago. It was an amazing experience for me because I was amazed about how friendly yet so professional they were. After three interviews, I received an offer and accepted it without any hesitation. I’ll share the process I went through from the beginning ‘till the end in another post.

This, I believe, is a milestone in my career, heck, even in my life.

Let’s see what life brings next!